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(V.R. Berghahn- Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, NY

I have known Mr. Gene Cutler for more than twelve years when he began to advise my wife Marion and me about the long-term care insurance that we wanted to take out with the approach of our retirement. I am very happy to write these lines about our experiences with him as our advisor. When we first met him to discuss our plans, he suggested two long-term insurance companies and advised us to split our agreements. This turned out to be very advantageous, as this gave us a wider choice of benefits and premiums. After we signed up for two different corporations, Mr. Cuttler continued to be in touch with us on a regular basis, especially also to advise on changes in benefits and premiums that also took account of rising cost of long-term care. I am therefore very happy to confirm that, in our experience, Mr. Cutler has been an advisor who not only knows his way through the maze of the insurance world, but also provides his expertise through explanations that were very clear and inspired absolute trust. (V.R. Berghahn) Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, New York.

Cathleen Motta

Today I spoke with Gene on the phone and very efficiently he handled all my questions and gave me valuable knowledge concerning the very good benefits of my LTC plan. He is an expert at understanding and navigating the plan and its benefits that I desire to keep . He gave me thorough information so I can intelligently & confidently proceed. He also offered knowledge about navigating future premium costs . I feel confident that my decision to have a LTC account will benefit myself and family members as I age. Thank you, Cathy Motta

thank you Cathy....feedback from longtime policyholders as yourself is both reassuring and reaffirming to me, and encouraging and supportive to those considering one of these plans.

Jill E. Porter

Gene, Great speaking with you recently regarding the ongoing claim for my husband's LTC benefits. We bless the day you visited us, over a dozen years ago, and carefully explained the LTC policy and choices to make as well as the decision we made to go ahead and purchase the coverage. We certainly were well advised as we did (unfortunately) open a claim about 3 years ago and have been using the policy's benefits and having premiums waived for my husband who was diagnosed with the Rare Disease, Inherited Spinocerebellar Ataxia. Because of the policy benefits we have much less to handle, especially financially, at this time. I continue to encourage others not to hesitate to open a claim and use the benefits when needed.

Thank you Jill----my best to you and your husband..contemplating and planning  for these "what if's" ....is challenging at best. When the reality sets in we can only hope we prepared well. it takes courage at both ends. please keep me in the loop.


Gene got me my policy in 2002. Gene is always available to answer any question that arises. Thank you for your time explaining what I have and how it works. I really did not remember how the "bank" worked!! It is wonderful to have someone who cares enough to