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(V.R. Berghahn- Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, NY

I have known Mr. Gene Cutler for more than twelve years when he began to advise my wife Marion and me about the long-term care insurance that we wanted to take out with the approach of our retirement. I am very happy to write these lines about our experiences with him as our advisor. When we first met him to discuss our plans, he suggested two long-term insurance companies and advised us to split our agreements. This turned out to be very advantageous, as this gave us a wider choice of benefits and premiums. After we signed up for two different corporations, Mr. Cuttler continued to be in touch with us on a regular basis, especially also to advise on changes in benefits and premiums that also took account of rising cost of long-term care. I am therefore very happy to confirm that, in our experience, Mr. Cutler has been an advisor who not only knows his way through the maze of the insurance world, but also provides his expertise through explanations that were very clear and inspired absolute trust. (V.R. Berghahn) Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, New York.

Cathleen Motta

Today I spoke with Gene on the phone and very efficiently he handled all my questions and gave me valuable knowledge concerning the very good benefits of my LTC plan. He is an expert at understanding and navigating the plan and its benefits that I desire to keep . He gave me thorough information so I can intelligently & confidently proceed. He also offered knowledge about navigating future premium costs . I feel confident that my decision to have a LTC account will benefit myself and family members as I age. Thank you, Cathy Motta

thank you Cathy....feedback from longtime policyholders as yourself is both reassuring and reaffirming to me, and encouraging and supportive to those considering one of these plans.

Jill E. Porter

Gene, Great speaking with you recently regarding the ongoing claim for my husband's LTC benefits. We bless the day you visited us, over a dozen years ago, and carefully explained the LTC policy and choices to make as well as the decision we made to go ahead and purchase the coverage. We certainly were well advised as we did (unfortunately) open a claim about 3 years ago and have been using the policy's benefits and having premiums waived for my husband who was diagnosed with the Rare Disease, Inherited Spinocerebellar Ataxia. Because of the policy benefits we have much less to handle, especially financially, at this time. I continue to encourage others not to hesitate to open a claim and use the benefits when needed.

Thank you Jill----my best to you and your husband..contemplating and planning  for these "what if's" ....is challenging at best. When the reality sets in we can only hope we prepared well. it takes courage at both ends. please keep me in the loop.


Gene got me my policy in 2002. Gene is always available to answer any question that arises. Thank you for your time explaining what I have and how it works. I really did not remember how the "bank" worked!! It is wonderful to have someone who cares enough to always be available

Thanks Suzanne....it HAS been a while....always a pleasure speaking with you....I'm glad the plan we designed 15 years ago has kept pace with rising costs, and addresses our initial concerns. Time always tells.


Gene; I must say, I'm impressed how well you are still on your GAME. We have now been F/T residents of Florida since 2012.. Be well and thank you, Tom

-thanks Tom...been a while. good hearing from you. any questions/any time...just reach out.


Gene was recommended to me and I contacted him to review my policy as I wanted to make sure it still fit my future needs. = If you want help and want to work with a pro and someone who can articulate the important aspects of how a policy will benefit you, work within your budget, understand the policies positives/shortfalls, etc., Gene is excellent! His professionalism, experience and knowledge is exceptional. You will not be disappointed.

J-Thanks so much for the kind words! You planned wisely as your policy benefits are well within the range of these expenses, and grow each year to stay in parody with inflation. Both your independence and your assets are protected for yourself and your family. We can't ask for more than that. You did very well for yourself! Here's hoping you never need it!  

Tim Warchol

Gene was very professional and helpful through a complex decision. Going through a lot of issues with both my wife's parents and mine as well , validates the decision to get long term care and one day making the process easier on my son. In addition, having gone through financial planning, the policy Gene helped me get has been confirmed as extremely competitive. Thanks again Gene!!!

Thanks Tim....I appreciate having had the the opportunity to work with you and your wife. This is certainly a multi-generational issue that your family recognized and was willing to confront. Once been acknowledged, we were able to find the best solutions....please remember to discuss with your accountant when you do yourtaxes for last year!

Barbara Batagely

Gene Cutler was very professional and knowledgeable. He was patient and answered all my questions - even some questions I didn't know I had! He was able to find a plan that suited my needs and situation and made the entire process stress-free. I would definitely recommend Gene to anyone who might be considering LTC insurance.
Thank you, Gene.

Thank you Barbara....thanks for giving me the opportunity to show you your options and accepting my recomendations. 


Gene is very professional and honest, and was able to answer all my questions about LTC. He explained exactly what is necessary to have in the LTC plan. He helped me to understand, Gene knows his stuff, it was a pleasure dealing with him. The information and time that he gave to me is priceless.

Thanks for the feedback- the plan offered thru your affiliation provides comprehensive coverage, competitive premiums and a strong carrier...you couldn't do much better. Any questions...any time...don't hesitate.


Gene was super helpful, patient and knowledgeable. What more can you ask for when dealing with the necessary evil of insurance?!!

Appreciate your inquiry...your existing plan is more than adequate...realistic benefits in parody with current cost of care...most importantly you have inflation growth built in to a fixed premium, so all stays in parody  thru the years ahead...smart!

Karl F.

Gene provided us with a firm foundation of knowledge and then responsively and patiently provided answers to many questions we've had about the LTC insurance options in front of us. I highly recommend speaking with him. His use of the telephone and internet has worked well.

Thanks Karl....i appreciate the patience and confidence you and your wife have provided me along the way, from plan design thru carrier selection and  now the underwriting process. 

Ali Mir

Gene Cutler patiently walked me through the process of understanding Long Term Care insurance, answered all my questions knowledgeably and thoroughly, and helped me figure out my options with great clarity. I couldn't have asked for a better information session. I highly recommend using his expertise for all who are considering buying LTC insurance. [Thanks for your time and your patience, Gene]

....and thank you for your patience Ali...we can discuss later in the week as you assimilate  the comparisons and see what makes the most sense.


Gene, Thanks very much for all you help. You have really helped me and answered all my questions. I will be happy to refer you to my friends and family.

Thanks Steve......typically what we've experienced or been exposed to, is a concern shared by those we care most about...I'll do the best I can to assist. 

Madeline Augonnet


Thank you, Gene, for your patience and time. My husband and I bought our LTC policies from you 8 years ago, and you've answered all questions kindly and professionally. I was confused about the premium increase, and you explained how we could easily keep the same premiums by decreasing the inflation option, which I hadn't understood. I never hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. It's always a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks for your kind words Madeline......as time passes and these policies take on increased meaning and purpose, it's always wise to review and understand what is going on with long term care from both individual  and the industry perspectives..... 

Lisa Ramaci

I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Cutler, who helped me get LTC insurance some years ago. He made sure I got the plan that was right for me, plus over the years he has patiently and professionally answered all of my questions and assisted me with all of my issues. Most recently, this kind and decent man helped me clear up a tough issue with my mom's LTC insurance, despite the fact he wasn't even her agent, simply because that is the type of guy he is. Mr Cutler is a consummate professional who knows every aspect of his business, and I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone looking for insurance contact him immediately. Thank you, Gene!

Lisa- Thanks for the kind remarks ....I've learned thru the years that our relationship actually begins,after the plans are in effect....I'm glad to hear we worked out the details and your mom's situation was resolved. 


Gene, Thank you for answering all of my questions. You have definitely "trimmed the fat" on what would have otherwise become quite overwhelming. Working with you has once again proven that the complex does not have to be complicated. Thank you again.

Good speaking with you as well....sometimes the answers are simple and allow us to recgnize the truly important questions at hand...putting the focus where it belongs. And usually in our hearts we will recognize what is best for each of us.....thanks for the opportunity, and an open mind.

Pompeo G. Gatto

Hi Gene, I want to thank you for taking the time this morning answering all of my questions and concerns. You truly are a professional. Keep up the great work you do for your clients.

Good talking with you as well...and I appreciate your making the first call, as most of my conversations seem to start out. Now that we understand your options here, you need to be sure that the timing is right for the considerations we discussed.
Talk soon-Gene


Thanks, Gene, for spending time with me this evening. I appreciate your patience with all my questions. Now I understand better for the LTC insurance and I should be able to make a right decision for me. Especially, your presentation for comparing plans side by side using a table was very helpful. Thanks again.

Thank YOU for your patience....everyone delves into this reluctantly, but aware of the realities we'd rather not contemplate but have experienced far too often with family and friends. Now you understand your options...as we say- the ball is in your court.
Talk soon- gene


Hi Gene, It's me, LEB again......Now that my Long Term Care Insurance policy is finalized, I look forward to a long term relationship with you, where I will continue to learn about any changes that may develop over the years with LTC Insurance. I am so glad that I did business with you.....my mind is at ease now. I told my brother about you and hopefully he will be in touch with you soon to arrange LTC Insurance for himself. THANKS AGAIN.....you are the best!!!!

thanks once again...always good to hear that at the other end of the process, once all this has been put to bed...so often we do these things reluctantly...after all who wants to contemplate getting older?...but once done like other important decisions, our heart tends to provide reassurance. Now is when our relationship starts...let's keep in touch! 

A. & S.

Gene was very professional and helpfull assisting us to obtain a LTC insurance. He is very knowledgeable and experienced of the subject. It was our pleasure to work with him. We strongly recommend his services.

Thank you both...with your estate planning to date, and the concern re protecting those assets, the Partnership plan certainly made the most sense.....Any questions...Any time....just give me a call. Or "click" on my moustache! 


Gene, Thank you so much for explaining all the details of LTC. You were very helpful and patient with all our questions. We now feel better educated and able to make the best decisions for us. You definitely made this learning process easy to understand. Thanks so much.

thanks for your time this morning Ike....many of my clients, like yourself, seem to favor plans that offer the freedom of selecting caregivers from their own family or circle of friends...and not having to submit invoices, rather than being forced to submit bills from specific home care agencies. The side by side comparisons we reviewed makes this very clear, and compares the premiums along with the benefit distinctions...talk soon.


Oh my goodness...Gene Cutler is the best!!! I was so stressed out about looking for Long Term Care Insurance and he made the process so easy. I was so relieved after talking to Gene. He gives a wonderful side-by-side comparison of what each company offers. Gene is extremely knowledgeable and he has the patience of a saint......he answered all of my questions (and I had quite a few). Trust me, once you talk to Gene, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. THANK YOU GENE!!!

LEB-that's very kind of you!!! Although I've been involved exclusively with LTCI for 19 years, it didn't take nearly that long to understand the challenges in evaluating these issues...your patience and understanding that eventually we all "become our parents," makes it possible!
And the side-by-side company comparisons enable us to do it all in one session.
Thanks again-gene


Hi Gene! Obviously, you know this business inside and out. With healthcare costs and the number of baby boomers...it is imperative that everyone look into LTC. You make the process seem simpler. With the ever-changing world of healthcare, it is critically important to make our own decisions regarding our own care, protecting our assets and having a plan that doesn't burden our families. Thanks!

thanks for your time...& your patience! Most would tend to agree that, while this is a challenging issue to deal with, it is prudent to consider the alternatives as we follow in our parents footsteps, learn from their experiences, and then plan accordingly. It all starts with these first steps!



Thank you for your time this morning. You've explained everything myself and my family needed in understanding the policy my father purchased and what options we have available to help him. I am so grateful he met with you personally 12 years ago and today you helped me help him.

good talking with you J....while I'm always concerned when a client has to claim, I'm glad to see that after so much time benefits have grown to stay on pace with inflation...your dad's have almost doubled & still growing..most importantly he doesn't have to become dependent on your or your brother, and since the cost of the care is no longer a concern, his savings are protected and he will get the quality of care he deserves. Even after all t


The phone call with Gene was very informative. Everyone should evaluate and be aware of the cost of assisted living and nursing homes.



Wow! I was terribly impressed!!

I'm glad you found the carrier side-be-side comparisons helpful....let me know if there are any add'al questions...regards- gene

Lisa Ramey

Hi Mr. Cutler: Very nice speaking with you this morning! Best Regards,


Very helpful, very informative and very patient. I would recommend speaking with Gene regarding your long term care questions...........


Very informative, thank you for your time. Much to think about. ----------
THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY. -there IS a lot to it....first things first though....and that is...does long term care insurance make sense.....? The easy part is the solution.......regards Gene

M Hagan

After finishing today's initial LTC discussion, I thought about how I started our conversation by admitting I am a ""clean slate" (knowing nothing about LTC). I thank you Gene for patiently and clearly teaching me so much in such a short amount of time. Will talk to you soon! --------------------------------------------------------- THANKS M...SOMETIMES WE KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS THAN WE ACKNOWLEDGE AT FIRST...ONCE CONVERSATION STARTS, PIECES ALWAYS SEEM TO FALL INTO PLACE...THEN COMPARING PLANS SIDE BY SIDE BECOMES EASIER...TALK SOON!

JT King

It's kind a like standing in front of a fire hydrant trying to get a sip of water! But,what a wealth of information! A great help. Thanks Gene, it was worth the time spent. ----------------------------------------------

harold weitz

I was struggling to find out the ins and outs of LTC and Gene was absolutely wonderful in coming with the information I need to make a decision on what to get and what it would cost.

It's never easy  on one's own, to consider experiences we've observed or particpated in with others, and then try to anticpate our own needs...we all need some help here! Thanks for your candor, and an open mind. 

Dot H

Gene,you are the best.Thank you for the time you spent with me comparing the different companies side by side. It was very informative. I have been putting the purchase of LTC insurance off for over a year now. You made the process on how to go about it easy....Thanks again-------------- --------------------------------------------
DOT-thanks for your confidence here..with the state offering total asset protection here AND the 20% "subsidy" and the best premium as well, it is clearly the way to go.


Loved the comparison shopping. Very helpful Thanks for the info -----------------------------------
thanks Ye--the software clearly puts the competing carriers side by side...benefit for benefit...premium to premium...no bias...& all are state partnership qualified as well.

Kristy S.

Gene Cutler is one of the best insurance agents I've ever encountered. In fact, I think of him more as an advisor. He took great care to walk through options with my father, my brother and I - conference calling us in from three different locations - and made sure that all parties were very comfortable with the discussion and plan. Extremely professional, and I have more confidence than ever with the path we have chosen for my father.

Thanks Kristy...it's always unfortunate when we have to call upon these plans for benefits, but reassurung to know they do what they are supposed to...my best to your family.

William McBain

A call with a basic question was answered expeditiously. Gene then also provided me with very advantageous NYS tax advice and a benefit that I did not know.(or forgot). Gene was also able to quickly clarify and make a suggestion regarding my initial question. genecutler.com in now in my list of important contacts.

Dawn Harvey

Good Afternoon Gene I found the conference call to be very informative. I. I look forward to the next step in this process. Thank you for your time. Have a Great Weekend! Sincerely, Dawn Harvey------------------------ -----------


Phil McDonald

I enjoyed the webinar and would like to go forward with your company. What should i do next? ..........

John Cullen

Gene, thanks so much for your expertise in LTC planning. I appreciate all you have done to help me understand the process and make a great decision .......

bob danna

Gene was the most knowledgable of all those we spoke to regarding LTCI. Before speaking with Gene our knowledge base regarding LTCI was woeful at best. His courteous and prompt answers to all our questions made the process crystal clear and easy for my wife and me. I would recommend Gene to anyone seeking information on LTC to contact Gene

------------------------------------------ THANKS BOB...VERY KIND OF YOU!


Thanks Gene for recently taking the time to review our policy. It was good talking to you. Since we purchased it nine years ago I wanted to review our coverage. In your kind and knowledgeable manner you explained it all and I was happy to see that we had purchased a great policy. When we were in our fifties and thinking about long-term health insurance you laid out all the information from the different plans, answered all our questions in a clear concise manner and helped us select the best policy for us. You set us up with a great plan that takes away all future worries for us and our children should we ever need to use it. I'm glad we purchased it when we did and I appreciate all the help you gave and continue to give us. Have a happy and healthy New Year............



Thanks Gene for all of your help in obtaining a Long-Term Care policy for me. You made things so stressless and easy - I really appreciate it. I have peace of mind..................... ..........THANKS KATHY..A NICE MINDSET TO BEGIN THE NEW YEAR WITH. IT ONLY REINFORCES ITSELF AS THE YEARS PASS.


I searched the internet for advice on long term care for several hours, however, a 10 minute discussion with you provided more clarity and insight. Much appreciation for all your advice and I will be certain to inform friends of your expertise in this area


Thank you so much for the information on Long Term Care Insurance. I enjoyed speaking with you and will relay this information to my husband. ----------------
thanks for your patience Martha...putting major carriers side be side on the screen as we did, gives an opportunity to shop around for the best offers for your particular needs. talk soon!

Julia Gove

It's been hard to decide about purchasing long term care insurance. Talking to several agents from several different companies on your own, and trying to figure out what is the best plan is overwhelming. Having Gene put up different companies' plans next to each other made it easy to compare and find the best company. Gene was thorough, complete, easy to understand, and patient.He has the expertise. With his help, a difficult process was made easier.

barbara ohara

In 5 minutes, gene cutler was able to evaluate my long-term care insurance and let me know whether it was appropriate and what deductions I could make in taxes. I found him clear, caring and extremely helpful. He seems the embodiment of clarity, compassion and trustworthiness: a valuable find in the world of insurance.

Dan Luckett

Got the policy yesterday......

--------Thanks for your patience Dan...it now reflects add'al discount upon your wife's approval. Remember to discuss with CPA at tax time.

Renee G

Hi Gene, I've received the policy and sent back the acknowledgement. Thanks for your guidance and patience as this was a much more complicated process than I had initially expected. I appreciate your help!
-Renee------ thanks for yor patience...time and experience has shown these plans to be more beneifical to consumers than the carriers ever expected...standards for approvals are becoming more challenging... I'm glad we got it thru!

Jill Immerman

Gene - I wanted to let you know that I received the policy and sent off the acknowledgment. Thank you for looking it over and for all your help and advice throughout the process! It was a pleasure having you as a guide.

Thanks Jill...I appreciate the patience and confidence you bestowed upon me...any questions...any time...just call!

Paula F.

Gene-thanks for your time and expertise...we've been mulling over this decision for nearly 2 years,although it seems much longer! Your comparisons of my offer from work vs an individual plan made the direction clear...we are fortunately healthy enough to apply individually for lower premiums and more options. The help from NYS reduces our cost by another 20%. I think that's what helped my husband and I to finally commit. Thanks again...we're contacting our doctors to expedite the medical records that will be requested.

Roberta and Michael

gene-we just wanted to let you know we rec'd our long term care policies yesterday..we're pleased that they were approved as we had applied for, and are grateful for the education and comparisons you were able to put before us. we'd been looking into this longer than I'd like to admit, and we're both relieved its done!
good to hear...everyone always seems to start this reluctantly, but feel a load's been lofted once it's in place.

Jeff Stinehelfer

Gene: Our session this morning has been very helpful. Thanks for patiently and efficiently providing the information I need to consider long-term coverage. I plan to communicate with you in the time frame agreed upon. Gratefully, Jeff Stinehelfer (Olney, Maryland)

Jill Immerman

Gene - Thanks for making the application process so painless - and informative! I appreciate your professionalism and expertise!

Thanks Jill...glad we had a chance to finally  put this to bed for you....

Barbara B.

Gene: Thank you so much for all of your patience, advice and guidance during my purchase of LTC insurnace from you. I feel much more secure with my decision. I trusted you from our first meeting and my instincts proved correct! If you ever need a reference feel free to have any of your prospects contact me. Best Regards, Barbara ----------------------------------------------------
Thanks Barbara.......great to hear this is sitting so well after all this time since we completed the process........My best! Gene

Gloria in NJ

Gene- thanks for clarifying my confusion pertaining to plan limits...plans are not limited by the calendar, but by the size of the growing cash values selected. Your side by side comparisons of Hancock, Genworth, Mutual of Omaha certainly made the point!------------------------ -----------------GLORIA...Easy enough...thanks for the feedback...any other questions- just click on the moustache!

Karla Sheridan

Gene- Through the years you have been a consistent and thorough help with any questions and issues we may have had. The quality of care and professionalism you put into the initial setting up for LTC coverage has not changed. My sincerest thanks for your continued service.

L. Blake

Gene....Thanks so much for your help. The side by side compariosn is a great tool. Shopping for LTC insurance can be overwhleming and the side by side demosntration clarified so many of my questions. I appreciate your patience and I appreciate you putting my mind at ease. You took the pain out of shopping for LTC insurance. THANKS AGAIN!!!--------------------------------------------------------

Thanks for your kind words....it truly takes 2 ...you bring the open mind and questions.......permits me to educate you and hopefully answer...thank you for YOUR confidence!

Marilyn in Ct.

Gene Thanks for your help with the policy comparisons....being able to discuss and compare the companies side by side, while on the telephone and viewing them side by side on my monitor, was certainly comfortable and preferable for my husband and I, as opposed to someone coming into our home representing one company or another.......your explanations and suggestions, including a comparison of our group offer as teachers, helped us with our decision....finally! Can you help my sister and brother-in-law in Fla? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thnx Marilyn....appreciate your confidence in this matter.....many of my clients have been reviewing this type of planning before contacting me...unable to decide yet unable to put it to bed....apparently this approach is non-threatening, logical, and puts competing carriers side by side for an apples to appl

Vince Corteselli

Does this coverage include home care? What are the limits of liability for in facility as well as in home care? Is there any cost or condition to obtaining a quote? and, can I see a full delination of coverages?
 Vincent- Plans are comprehensive in that they cover the full cost of home care- part time temporary and full time ongoing care...as well as the costs of assisted living & nursing home care, up to whatever limtis are selected. There is never any cost or obligation in obtaining quotes...side by side comparisons and details of coverage are always provided. Hope this helps....

Kristin Zwerlein

Thanks for everything! I will contact you whenever I have a question.

my pleasure...thanks for your confidence in this matter! gene

Franz Kaufmann

Dear Gene, Thank you for the immediate return call ; and pointing to your web site were I could find the form for a 20% credit from NY State for my LTC policy. Be sure to steer all of your clients to your excellent web site!

Margaret Popper & Hal Freedman

Hi Gene! We got our policy in yesterday's mail. Thanks for all your help! Margy and Hal

janet fine

 Hi Gene, I received the insurance info and I will mail the check and confirmation back in the appropriate envelopes on Monday. Thank you for all your help and have a great weekend! Kind regards, Janet

David Iovinella

The decision to get LTC is not a simple or easy one. However like health and life insurance it has become something that is a necessity. Gene is able to educate as well as guide you and when we finished the process I felt certain I had made the right decision. Whatever your questions might be Gene will certainly be able to answer them. He is a competent, professional agent who really seems to care about his clients and is always available to answer your questions.

Dennis Deutsch

Gene: Thank you for your prompt reply. Your information was quite helpful!

George Bailey

Gene is professional, knowledgable, and easy to talk to. He will guide you through the process on the computer, so that you are left feeling that you understand everything. He is always available for questions by phone or email and gets back to you promptly. I would recommend Gene over anyone is the business. I have a great policy with good tax benefits-thanks to Gene.


Longterm care planning raises so many questions, especially concerning coverages and costs, that it was extremely helpful to have someone who can give a very extensive and easy to understand online tutorial in real time. Being able to ask questions while the information is being displayed on the computer screen is an invaluable way to learn and then make truly informed decisions about which plan is the most appropriate for the potential policy holder.

Thanks Joe...I'm glad that a challenging topic was clarified within our  simple conversation with the comprisons at hand and side by side.

Jeff Leman

A very good friend, Dick Samson who I believe you know, suggested that I contact you after I spent an hour or so with him discussing long term care insurance. My wife and I will turn 70 during 2012 and are in fine health but another friend recently diagnosed with dementia and modest resources brought the whole issue to my mind. I'm not even sure we need it - self insurance is a real consideration for us - or, if we do, whether there is a policy that would meet our needs. Can we dialogue?

Of course...referrals and this web site are typically the means in which I am sought out....you can email me ofr give me a call....

Tzvi Schonfeld

was a pleasure talking to you, I look forward meeting you in person.

Elaine Sands

Gene has been a wonderful source of information who has our best interests at heart.
I have known Mr. Gene Cutler for more than twelve years when he began to advise my wife Marion and me about the long-term care insurance that we wanted to take out with the approach of our retireme… Read More

(V.R. Berghahn- Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, NY

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